7 Awe-Inspiring Benefits of Installing the Right Fireplace Screen


Apr 5, 2024


During the winter days, having a fireplace in your home is a great opportunity to enjoy every moment with warmth and coziness. However, safety always comes first, as everything has dual consequences, and an at-home fireplace is no exception. 

That’s why most homeowners prefer to install fireplace screens to ensure prevention and safety from unpleasant incidents. So, let’s find out how they benefit homeowners beyond just providing safety.


  1. Ensure The Fireplace Screen Blocks the Sparks

A taller screen should be fitted, especially for large fires, to match the fire’s height. Make sure that the fireplace screen completely covers the fireplace opening. 

With our recent handcrafted model inspired by French design, we can expand up to six panels for use in sizing. Burning fast wood can create more sparks. Thus, the entire fireplace opening should be covered. The screen’s mesh should be fine enough to keep the sparks from passing through.


  1. Provide A Good View of the Fire

A fireplace’s flame looks even more beautiful if the screen does not overshadow it. A black or dark screen can make the side of the fireplace almost non-existent, while a shiny, brass fireplace screen might make it more prominent. 

Another point to mention is the level of ornamentation of the window screen. It, again, determines how visible it will be. Nevertheless, a fireplace with an obvious screen would even make an unused fireplace more attractive. Use the lower screen if the taller one is not required to obtain a clear view of the fire.


  1. Avoid Excessive Heat Blockage

The screen needs to have a mesh that is tight enough for sparks to get trapped but not so dense that it hinders heat dissipation. Don’t use glass screens to block the heat. Ancient French wires with thick braided cloth are the safety plan for fire prevention and heat transmission.

Installing the right fireplace screen can provide numerous benefits:

Safety: Prevent sparks and embers from escaping, reducing the risk of accidental fires.

Protection: Shield against accidental burns, especially for children and pets.

Style: Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your fireplace with various design options, from traditional to modern.

Maintenance: Minimize cleanup by containing ash and debris within the fireplace area.

Efficiency: Improve the efficiency of your fireplace by directing heat into the room while blocking drafts.

Durability: Protect your fireplace surround and mantel from damage caused by heat and debris.

Peace of mind: Enjoy your fireplace with added peace of mind, knowing that you’ve taken steps to enhance safety and comfort in your home.


  1. What Size Fireplace Screen Fits Your Fireplace?

The correct size of fireplace screens has been very helpful. Examine the fire size, what type of wood it is, whether there are children and pets nearby, and the dimensions of the fireplace’s interior. Nowadays, technology is at our disposal, and the answer to questions like ‘How big should a fireplace screen be? ‘ is no longer a mystery.


  1. Don’t Let Kids or Pets Near the Flames

It’s very important for children and animals not to be harmed by fire. Instruct children about fire safety measures and erect a childproof screen to rule out any danger caused by short distances. 

The guard of a fire can be conveniently put around the fireplace and match the decor while effectively working for its main purpose, as gas fire does not produce sparks.


  1. Be Mindful of the Ideal Fireplace Screen Style

A fireplace screen style usually also reflects the fireplace and home’s general style, and sometimes, it even traces back to the 18th century. While doing this, it might look quite good, but the decision is for an individual exclusively. 

The 19th-century simple iron screen must never overpower the fireplace’s decorations, while a screen with a rich design can empower a gloomy-looking fireplace.